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A digital platform that makes evidence management




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A digital platform designed for prosecutors.

Focus on your caseload with streamlined evidence collection, management, and discovery.

Save time and resources while modernizing your evidence management systems. Our software makes it easy to load, document, and track every detail of your evidence collection and discovery. Optimize your workflow with unlimited access from anywhere.



Unify evidence collection

Replace DVDs, flash drives and analog tools with a streamlined Digital Evidence Management system (DEMs) to house everything in one place.



Maintain your discovery trail

Confirm your audit and maintain evidence integrity with secure tracking, timestamping, and permission management.



Secure your evidence files

Manage permissions and privacy to keep sensitive data safe. Your evidence will never be lost or accessed without your authorization.



Save time and focus on trial preparation

Eliminate hours previously spent on manual tasks like cataloging and copying evidence. Focus on building strong cases instead.

Try Guardify free for 14 days

"Using Guardify is saving a lot of time for my office. DVDs don't cost a lot, but we're saving a couple of grand a year in hard costs. In terms of staff time, it is a massive change. It is saving at least one full-time employee, maybe two."

- Matt Wilber, Elected attorney of Pottawattamie County, Iowa

Check out the demo, set up your free trial, and start accelerating justice for your community.


Onboard With Our Experts

Work with our team to onboard your office and law enforcement partners quickly.

Create Simple Workflows

You can choose how users upload and organize files to match your case management needs.

Start Collecting Evidence

Have audio, video, photos, and documents submitted and ready to be organized, reviewed, and shared with the click of a button.